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TSVConverter: What is it and how do I use it?

.TSV (TinyScreen Video) is a file format used to play video on our TinyScreen products, including our TinyScreen+ and the Tiny Arcade. This article will cover how to use the Windows and MacOS program to convert any common video format to a .TSV file. It will also demonstrate how to play .TSV files on your TinyScreen+ with the Micro SD TinyShield.

For more information on how to load .TSV files to your Tiny Arcade, please refer to the How to Load Tiny Arcade Games & Videos onto an SD Card tutorial.

Using the Program

Download either the MacOS or Windows version below:

MacOS Download:

NOTE: The TSV Converter software is not compatible with MacOS Big Sur version 11.1. Big Sur versions 11.0.1 and 11.2, however, have been found to be compatible with the TSV Converter when tested.
To find out what version of MacOS you are on, select the Apple icon on your home screen and select "About this Mac".

If the download does not initiate when clicking the below link, right-click the link and select "Save link as..." and choose your desired location for the download.

Download MacOS TSV Converter

The Mac operating system has some extra security measures, so to open the MacOS TSV Converter, you might need to select "Open When Done" or "Keep" to force it to complete the download:

Navigate to where the program has downloaded in Finder, double click the zip file to unzip it, then right click to Open the file.

By selecting Open, the app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can with any registered app.

Once the TSV Converter has successfully downloaded, you should be able to open it:

You are now ready to select some video files to convert!

Windows Download:

Updated with new version March 2021

Download the TSV Converter by clicking the following link:

Download Windows TSV Converter

Unzip the downloaded .zip file to reveal the TSVConverter.exe file, double-click to run.

A Microsoft Defender screen may come up when launching the .exe file - select "More info" in order to access the "Run anyway" button. Click the button to launch the TSV Converter.

Once the program is open, click "Open File".

This will open your file explorer and allow you to select a video file:

The video will load into the TSVConverter application. From here you can press "Convert File"

That's it! The .TSV file should appear in the same folder as your selected file, you can navigate there by clicking "Open Folder". If you want to edit the output of your movie, you can select your output's aspect ratio, and then convert the video again for a different ratio.

Playing .TSV Files on the TinyScreen+

If this is your first time using the TinyScreen+, please refer to the TinyScreen+ Setup Tutorial. Make sure to add the Micro SD TinyShield or Micro SD and Audio TinyShield to the stack.

After converting your .TSV file, you will need to add them to your micro SD card. Copy and paste the file into your micro SD card directory as shown below.

Once you've added the file(s) you wish to play on your TinyScreen+, you just need to be sure that the Tiny Video Player or TinyTV program is uploaded. If you have not yet uploaded the program, you can go to the Tiny Screen Video Player tutorial for a more in depth tutorial on how to upload the program. Otherwise, the zip file for the program is here: 

Tiny Video Player Arduino Program

Once downloaded, extract the files to a destination of your choice. Navigate to the unzipped folder and open TinyScreenVideoKit.ino. Your Arduino IDE should look like this:

Once you've ensured the Board and Port selections under the Tools tab are correct, upload the sketch. Your TinyScreen+ should begin playing the videos stored on your micro SD card in the order you added them.

Contact Us

If you have any issues converting your video, or you think you found a bug in our program, feel free to email us at or make a post on the forum.

Thanks for making with us!