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MicroSD Audio TinyShield

The MicroSD and Audio TinyShield is specifically made for the TinyScreen+ and will not work with other processor boards (TinyZero, TinyDuino).

This TinyShield is designed to, in combination with the TinyScreen+, be a part of the Tiny Video Player Project.

If you haven't already, go through the TinyScreen+ Setup Tutorial.

Learn more about the TinyDuino Platform


This TinyShield is designed specifically for the TinyScreen+ to allow for video playback in a very compact package. This TinyShield adds a microSD Adapter to store video and image files, an audio amplifier for driving a speaker, and an IR receiver. The 16x9 speaker is also included with this board and can be connected to the speaker port.  

Technical Details

microSD Specs

  • Uses standard Arduino SD Card Library
  • Supports most standard microSD cards and SDHC cards- cards larger than 8GB may not work!

Power Requirements

  • Voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V 
  • Current: up to approximately 100mA while reading from microSD card 

Pins Used

SPI Interface for microSD card:

  • 10 - CS: This signal SPI chip select for the microSD card
  • 11 - SCLK: This signal is the serial SPI clock out of the TinyDuino and into the microSD card.
  • 12 - MISO: This signal is the serial SPI data out of the microSD card and into the TinyDuino.
  • 13 - MOSI: This signal is the serial SPI data out of the TinyDuino and into the microSD card.


  • A0 - DAC Output: Analog output for audio amplifier
  • 3 - IR Input: Output signal from infrared receiver 6.8 3.6


  • 25.8mm x 25.0mm (1.02" x 0.98") Note: microSD car overhanges the edge by approx 3mm for easy removal
  • Maximum height of board: 3.6mm (0.14") 
  • Thickness with TinyScreen+ attached: 6.8mm (0.27")
  • Weight (TinyShield only): 1.62 grams (0.06 ounces)

To see what other TinyShields this will work with or conflict with, check out the TinyShield Compatibility Matrix


  • This TinyShield is designed specifically for the TinyScreen+ and may not properly mate with other TinyShields or processor boards.
  • This does not include the microSD card (sold separately), you can get a compatible microSD card here.


Hardware materials



Hardware Assembly

Connect the microSD & Audio TinyShield to the TinyScreen+ using the tan 32-pin connectors. Then you can plug in the microSD Card and the speaker:

Assembled TinyDuino stack

Formatting the microSD Card

You should not have to worry about this if you purchased a microSD card from us in the Tiny Video Player Kit

The Arduino SD Card Library supports cards formatted with FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems. For best results, we recommend formatting your microSD card before use by using the official SD card formatting utility as supplied by the SD Card Association:

SD Card Formatting Utility

Upload Program

To use the TinyScreen+, you need to make the proper selections under the Tools tab in order to interface correctly with the board:

  • Board: TinyScreen+
  • Build Option: Default
  • Port: COM##(TinyScreen+) (This will depend on how your computer labels it)

We then recommend you move to the formal Tiny Video Player Tutorial for the programming part!


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