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Tiny Arcade Menu Update


Note: The Tiny Arcade menu was last updated October 3, 2016. Updating the menu will remove the preloaded games, so don't do this unless you really need to. If you received your arcade after Oct 3, 2016, you do not need to update the menu.

Tiny Arcade is based around TinyScreen+, an Arduino compatible circuit board and display that, at startup, runs a menu created using Arduino development software. When necessary, the menu can be updated from a computer using the Arduino software- Here's how:

Step 1

Follow the TinyScreen+ Setup Instructions - including uploading the example program to make sure everything is set up correctly. Keep in mind that the Tiny Arcade menu must have loaded a game before a USB connection will appear.

Step 2

Close the Arduino IDE software if it is open. Download our current release of the TinyArcade Menu. Unzip the folder to any folder and double click on the "ArcadeMenu.ino" file to open it in the Arduino IDE.

Step 3

Make sure that inside the 'Tools' menu in the Arduino IDE, the selected 'Board' is 'Tiny Arcade', and the 'Build Option' is 'Menu (No USB Init).' With Tiny Arcade plugged into your computer's USB port, you should see a TinyScreen+ port available in the 'Tools->Port' selection. Be sure to select this port before uploading. If you do not see a port, you may need to start playing a game, or you may need to hold both buttons down while starting up to stay in the bootloader mode.

Step 4

You can now upload the updated menu to Tiny Arcade by clicking the round arrow button near the top left of the IDE. It may take a minute or more to compile and upload the menu.

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