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TinyTV Assembly Instructions

TinyTV components laid out

Watch the assembly video here:

Or the following is a step by step guide on assembling your DIY TinyTV Kit. 

The DIY TinyTV Kit assembles easily in less than 5 minutes with no soldering or special tools required. Upon opening your new DIY TinyTV Kit, you'll want to make sure that you have the following:


TinyTV 3D printed pieces

Starting with your 3D printed TV housing, gently break out the extra 3D printed pieces from inside of the cabinet. These will be used shortly. 

TinyScreen+ with battery plugged in

Next, remove the screen protector from the TinyScreen+. Plug the battery into the back of the TinyScreen+ board and the speaker into the MicroSD/ Audio TinyShield where it is labeled Speaker. 

MicroSD & Audio TinyShield with speaker plugged in

CAUTION: the next steps require delicacy, be gentle with the TinyScreen+ as the side switch can break off.

TinyTV 3D print on side with Switch broken out of housing in hand

Locate the 3D printed switch piece that we broke out of the TV housing previously. Insert into the slot. The ON/OFF switch on the TinyScreen+ will rest inside of this switch. 

TinyTV Switch places into 3D printed housing slot

Next, Gently push the TinyScreen+ into place making sure that the switch on the TinyScreen+ is in alignment with the 3D printed switch. Make sure not to pinch the Battery wires.

TinyScreen+ with battery inserted into TV housing

Then snap the MicroSD/Audio board + speaker into place making sure again not to pinch the speaker wires. 

MicroSD/Audio TinyShield with speaker placed into TV connecting to TinyScreen+

Take the additional pieces we broke out earlier and slid them into the slots located on either side of the inside of the TV. These will help hold the components into place. 

3D printed long pieces with notch placed into TV at sides with notches facing inwards

Then stack your battery into place and remove the adhesive backing off of the speaker. Stick the speaker into place on top of your battery. Note: You will want to stick your speaker onto something in order to get a louder sound, as with this tiny speaker every advantage helps

Battery stacked into TV with Speaker attached on top

Up next pop the back of the TV into place, it is easiest to place the top in first and then the bottom should push into place. 

TinyTV back put in place to seal TV

Insert your Preloaded MicroSD, we recommend using a pair of tweezers to secure it into place. 

TinyTV SD Card inserted into slot on bottom of TV

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TinyTV image with Tiny Remote in hand aimed at TV