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TinyTV Customization Tutorial Page

This page includes some details on how the TinyTV settings menu works, and some details about how you can paint your TinyTV and personalize it!

TinyTV Settings

You can customize and choose different modes on the TinyTV to play videos:

  • TinyTV Mode: This is the default mode that all TinyTV's come programmed with. This setting makes every different video a channel and begins playing all of them at the same time like a normal TV. Includes static animations between channel changes.
  • Full Volume: Turns the volume all the way up (The TinyTV speaker is tiny, so to get the most out of your sound experience we recommend converting videos with loud audio, and sticking the speaker to the back panel of the TinyTV enclosure to maximize it's abilities.)
  • Loop Video: Once you select a video on the TV, it will continuously loop. Press the upper left button to scroll through the list of videos to select.
  • Show Time: Toggle the time bar at the bottom of the screen on or off
  • Auto Play: Upon startup, or powering on, the TinyTV will play all of the videos available on the SD Card in order. Press the upper left button to scroll through the list of videos and select a different video.

To enter the settings menu, power off the device and hold in the upper right button while turning the unit on:

Go to the settings menu by pressing the upper left button.

Here you should be able to scroll through options, select the toggle option on the lower left side to turn modes on and off, and then Save & Exit once you are satisfied with your settings selections.

IR - Button Customization

The TinyTV kit comes with a Tiny Remote that can be used to change the channels, volume, or power the unit off. You can use different remotes or change the button definitions that match these functionalities under the IR option of the settings menu.

To change the button definitions, you just need to scroll to the button option you wish to redefine, press the button and ensure that the IR code has appeared, and then save the new definition.

Painting & TV Customization

Check out the TV Kit Customization Blog on our main site.