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TinyTV Converter App Download & Tutorial

Note: If you are looking to convert videos to load onto the TinyTV DIY Kit, Tiny Arcade and Pocket Arcade, please refer to the TSV Converter application tutorial.

The TinyTV Converter App is used to convert and crop videos for TinyCircuits TinyTV devices. Our TinyTVs are small and require specific video formats, so you will need to convert all videos you want on your TinyTV using the App from this tutorial.


Press a compatible download link:

Not sure what download link works best for your Windows device? Try these steps:

  • Windows:

    • Select the Start button > Settings > System > About
    • Open About settings
    • Under Device specifications > System type, see if you're running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.
    • Under Windows specifications, check which edition and version of Windows your device is running.

To download the TinyTV Converter Application, it may help to use Google Chrome. Press one of the above download links, choose a location for the installer file, and then select 'Keep' from the option arrow found on the chrome download pop-up at the bottom of your browser window:

Screen capture of the 'Keep' option highlighted

You will be prompted to agree to the license coupled with the software and then your computer should generate the application file. Windows users can move on to the next section.

Mac users must add the TinyTV Converter Application to the list of accepted Apps by navigating to the Applications folder, finding the TinyTV app, and then right click to open the option menus and press "Open" - press "Open" again on the security window that pops up:

Screen capture of the 'Keep' option highlighted

Open the app:

Note: The app is available in light and dark mode and will be set automatically based on your system settings. Shown here is the dark mode version of the app.

Press the button to select the video you wish to convert.

Once you have selected the video file you want to convert to put on the TV, the app will open to the main screen. On the left side of the app, the video you selected is playable and viewable - note that this feature is not available for all video types or video ratios. For best compatibility, use .mp4 type videos.

TV Option

Select the TV option compatible with your hardware. Please note that the video output for each TV is not cross-compatible, so it is important to select the correct TV Option.


To customize the appearance of your video, you can select any of the 3 crop options: Contain, Cover, or Fill. The selected crop option will change the appearance of the video player to depict the resulting video format.




Output Name

Choose a short and meaningful title for your TinyTV video. Note that special characters and titles longer than 50 characters are blocked in the application for compatibility with the TV software. If you change the name to include special characters or extend the length of the video title, it will not play on the TV hardware.

Put Converted Videos on Your TinyTV or TinyTV SD Card

Press the convert button once all of the above selections and title look good. A save dialog window will direct you to save your file.

DIY TinyTV Kit 96x64:

  • Place converted videos on the USB Drive of the SD Card you have plugged into your computer. Eject the USB drive before removing it from your computer to avoid file corruption.

TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini:

  • You can plug the TV into your computer and you can save your converted videos directly to the USB Drive directory that will appear when the TinyTV is connected in USB mode and powered on.
  • How to enter USB mode:

    • TinyTV 2: Plug the TinyTV 2 into your computer. Turn off the TinyTV with the top power button while holding the button in for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, release the button and then press it once. You should see a message on the screen stating the TinyTV is in "USB Mode". The USB drive will appear in your file explorer (Windows), or as a drive on your home screen (Mac).

Your TinyTV USB drive may show up as "untitled"

Don't forget to eject your TinyTV USB drive once you are done adding videos!

To eject the TinyTV USB drive, right click or double press to view the options menu and select the "Eject" option

Charging TinyTV's

You can use a USB power cable to connect your TinyTV to your computer or another power source. A yellow charging LED will turn on when your TinyTV is charging. The yellow LED will turn off when your TinyTV is fully charged.


  • "My app appears frozen while I am converting a video" - don't worry, this is completely normal. Your video is being converted by the TinyTV app and while it may look like the app is frozen, it's just working hard!
  • If the TinyTV 2 or TinyTV Mini USB device does not appear on your computer - your USBC cable may not have the necessary data connections required for transferring data. Try using other USBC cables.
  • If you cannot see the resulting converted video, refresh your file explorer in the directory you saved the file. Try pressing the convert button again if the video is not present.
  • Do not use the same title for converted videos repeatedly in the same file location. The file will not be overwritten correctly and only the first video with the title will be saved. Change the title each time you press the convert button to avoid errors or losing video data.

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