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Wait, I can wash that?

Yes, you can wash many of your wearables. A lot of electronics are water resistant up and can withstand the light jostling that often comes from a washer, or by handwashing. Batteries, and other sensitive electronics that may be added into your project, however, should never be washed. Make sure to disconnect any power sources and do some research on other components that may be in your projects.

While many wearable projects can survive in a washer with a mild detergent, it is best not to trust wearables in a dryer as this can possibly fray the conductive thread used in your projects.

Wearables in a Washer

  1. Make sure all batteries and sensitive components are removed before washing your wearable project. (Double check if you're not sure!)
  2. Load your wearable into a machine washer.
  3. Pick a mild detergent that will not damage your electronics, and choose a delicate setting on your washer (if one is available) for the preservation of your stitching. Hardware components are sturdy enough not to be destroyed, but not every stitch may go unscathed by the tumbling motion.
  4. After washing, hang or lay garment(s) flat to dry.

Only once the article of clothing is completely dry is it safe to plug batteries back in or other sensitive electronics.

Hand wash

This is best if you have delicate stitching, an article of clothing is not machine wash safe, or you do not trust your machine washer.

  1. Remove all batteries or other sensitive components.
  2. Fill a sink, bucket, or something else that can hold liquid with lukewarm water and some mild soap.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Hang, or lay wearable flat to dry.

You can plug back in delicate electronics after your wearable is completely dry.

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