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Tiny Arcade Assembly Instructions (Kickstarter Version)


The following video is a step by step guide to assembling your Tiny Arcade. The full written instructions are posted below. Have fun!

Note: These instructions are for Tiny Arcades shipped before Sept 1st, 2016, which includes all Tiny Arcades shipped during the Kickstarter campaign. If your Tiny Arcade kit doesn't look like this, try the instructions for the updated version of the Tiny Arcade here.


Note: THIS IS NOT LIKE A JIGSAW PUZZLE! Forcing the pieces into place or putting the arcade together in the wrong order could damage or crack the acrylic casing! BE CAREFUL DURING ASSEMBLY NOT DO DO THIS! Orientation of each piece will matter, and just because the pieces line up, does not mean they will press together. The notches and juts on every piece are tapered, meaning they are slightly thin at one end of the notch/jut, and the gradually get fatter and fatter on the opposite side. The general rule here is that the thin side will press into the arcade. However, there are a few pieces that are exempt from this rule, and we will point them out in the instructions below.


Place Part 4 near the top in the front between Parts 6 and 7. Press into place. The narrow end of all pieces should face the inside of the arcade.

Step 1

Take Part 1 with the narrow side pointing up, and rotate it into place underneath Part 4 and in between Parts 6 and 7. Make sure the large circular hole is on the left side.

Step 2

Take Part 2 and rotate it into place above Part 4 and between Parts 6 and 7. This may take some forceful convincing. Be careful. Make sure the fat side is rotating to the upward position (the fat side starts by pointing into the arcade).

Step 3

Plug the battery into the TinyScreen+

Step 4

Take the TinyScreen+ and carefully insert it between Parts 6 and 7. Make sure the buttons line up with the small button holes cut out of Parts 6 and 7, and make sure you insert the switch on the TinyScreen+ into the switch hole on Part 6. Dangle the battery over the side of the arcade. We'll mount it later.

Step 5

Plug the male end of the yellow component board into the female end of the TinyScreen+

Step 6

Fit the speaker with the round copper coil side facing outward in between Parts 6 and 7 so the outer edges of the speaker are locked in place by the rectangular holes in these parts.

Step 7

Fit joystick and buttons through the appropriate holes on Part 1. Lock into place by inserting Part 10 underneath the joystick and buttons aligning the small holes with the joystick locking nubs on the bottom. The fat taper will be going towards the joystick and buttons.

Step 8

Apply the piece of double sided tape to the large surface of the battery that DOES NOT TOUCH the yellow component board. Stick the battery to the inner wall of Part 5 above all the speaker holes on the thin tapered side.

Step 9

Snap Part 5 firmly in place on the back of the arcade.

Step 10

Snap Part 11 into the top of the arcade so that the volume control wheel sits inside of the rounded rectangular hole. Make sure that thin tapered side is pointing down. it may be difficult to just place it, so you can also try putting the back end in first and rotating the front end into place.

Step 11

Snap Part 9 into the top of the front of the arcade under Part 11

Step 12

Snap Part 8 into the bottom of the front of the arcade with the flat side on top and the thin side going into the arcade.

Step 13

Snap Part 3 into the bottom of the arcade underneath all components with thin side pointing into the arcade.

Step 14

Snap Part 12 firmly into the front of the arcade covering the joystick and buttons with the thin side pointing in.


In order to play games on your Tiny Arcade, simply flip the switch on the side of the cabinet to the ON position and use the joystick and buttons to select your game. You may also insert a microSD card loaded with Tiny Arcade games into the microSD slot in order to store more and larger games using the expanded memory. Have fun!

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