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TinyScreen SmartWatch Tutorial


The following tutorial will show you how to assemble, program, pair, and test the TinyScreen SmartWatch kit. The TinyScreen SmartWatch will work with both Android and iOS phones. Both processes are described below.

Go through the getting started tutorials for all the hardware components to make sure you have all the necessary software downloaded before continuing. We would recommend going in this order:




New kit hardware pictured above with ST Bluetooth TinyShield

Old kit hardware pictured above with Nordic Bluetooth TinyShield

Android: Downloading and Installing the Android App

Downloading the Android App

If you are using an iPhone, you can skip this step and move on to the Programming the TinyDuino section. If you're using an Android phone, download the app here. Click the "Download Zip" button and connect your phone to your computer. It should appear in the device manager as a Media Device. Paste the file into a folder on your phone.

You can also download the .apk file directly to your phone from the link provided or, if you have an external memory card, you can copy the apk file from github and paste it in the Documents folder on your phone. Once you have successfully put the file on your phone, we can now install the app.

Installing the Android App

On your phone, you need to go to the settings and check the Unknown sources box. This will allow apps to be installed that are not from the Google play store. Next, go to MyFiles->AllFiles->Device Storage->Documents>Apk. Tap the app-debug.apk and you will be prompted to install the app asking for Bluetooth and notification permissions.

Programming the TinyDuino

To program the TinyDuino, you'll need to connect the USB TinyShield. Connect the TinyDuino to your computer, power it on, and upload one of the following sketches. After you have uploaded the code, you may turn the device off and remove the USB TinyShield. Add the Nordic or ST BLE TinyShield, and the TinyScreen to the stack. Insert the battery connector then power the device on to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

The date and time should be displayed, however the Bluetooth symbol will be red, indicating that you have not yet paired your phone with the watch. Once paired, the Bluetooth symbol will turn blue.

The watch will remain in "sleep" mode until you press one of the buttons on the TinyScreen.

Pairing the SmartWatch

Pairing with iOS
For iOS devices, go to settings,Bluetooth, and make sure Bluetooth has been turned on. You should see BLEWatch appear if you programmed your smartwatch correctly. All that is left to do is to select BLEWatch and pair the devices.
Pairing with Android

On your phone, open the app you just installed and scan for your watch. Tap BLE Watch and then hit the connect button in the top right corner and there you have it! Just press one of the buttons on the side of the screen to get the watch out of sleep mode and press any of the buttons while it is awake to clear the notification on the screen. Watch enclosure design by Jason Bannister of Mechanimal.

After you've paired your device to the TinyScreen SmartWatch, use the menu to adjust the date and time, as well as the sleep mode timer, and screen brightness. The clock uses a 24-hour clock input, so when setting the time, numbers 1-12 will appear as AM, and numbers 13-23 will appear as PM, though they will show up in the 12-hour format when being displayed. Notifications for texts and phone calls will appear as notification, automatically illuminating the screen when received. To view these, press the lower right button. Press it again to clear the notification.

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